Modified Julian Day

Venkatesh Rao erklärt in seinem Jahresrückblick (2020) die seltsamen Titel seiner "Captain's Log" Blogeinträge:

„Captain’s Log is a journal/notebook style blogchain that is partly inspired by Star Trek’s captain’s logs (hence the blogchain name), and partly by Da Vinci style research notebooks. [...] Captain’s Log is a deliberate experiment in the opposite of clickbait. MJD headlines are unhelpful by design. They neither help the reader decide whether to read, nor help me remember what I wrote. I wanted to see what would happen if you removed the constraint that a block of text has to have a “handle” to approach it with, in the form of a meaningful headline. The content is similarly anti-memetic. I make no conscious attempt to engineer clear hooks/ledes, or circle a specific, memorable, Aha-ish insight-porn dopamine-fix point. There’s no clickbait because there’s no hook to attach it to.“

MJD steht für "Modified Julian Day", eine Kurzfassung des Julianischen Datums das z.B. in der Astronomie verwendet wird, um große Zeitabstände ohne Schalttage und andere Seltsamkeiten unseres Kalenders zu umgehen. Die modifizierte (verkürzte) Variante rechnet ab dem 17. November 1858.

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